August 26, 2020

On August 31, 2020, Black Warrior will follow the lead of other utilities and take one more step towards returning to normal. On that day, we will have all of our main office employees back on campus at the same time.

We will practice social distancing, sanitizing and face masks when necessary among our employees. This group will arrive and depart thirty minutes apart to avoid crowding in our common areas. Our field crews have been doing this since March 24, 2020 with great results. No one will be alternating days working from home and all will be present to assist members with their calls.

All of our offices will remain closed to the public until the threat of COVID subsides.

This step will allow us to assist more members as we increase our disconnection of services for non­payment in September. Our field personnel will not be collecting on site due to the COVID-19 issue but will be pulling the meters of those who haven’t contacted us to make arrangements. There is resource information on this website for those who wish now to make arrangements prior to our disconnections in September.