Policy Statement

Policy No. 32

Subject: Procedure and Operational Rules of Credentials & Election Committee

Issue Date: June 16, 2017


To prescribe polices for the procedures and operational rules to be followed by the Credentials and Election Committee of Black Warrior Electric Membership Corporation (BWEMC).


In accordance with Section 4.04 of the Bylaws, the following procedures and operational rules shall be established for the Cooperative’s Credentials and Election Committee.

(a) At its first meeting the Committee shall election a Chairperson and a Secretary.

(b) The Committee shall establish or approve the manner or method of member registration and voting, either in person or by mail.

(c) The Committee shall oversee or supervise registration and voting and the tabulation of member votes.

(d) The Committee shall consider and decide all questions, issues or disputes regarding member registration and voting, including the determination of members present and eligible to vote and the validity of mail ballots.

(e) The Committee shall oversee or supervise the tabulation or count of member votes including the determination of vote results.

(f) The Committee shall determine the validity of trustee nominations other than nominations by the Nominating Committee.

(g) The Committee shall decide whether a trustee nominated or a newly elected trustee satisfies the qualifications for the holding of the office by the trustee.

(h) The decisions of the Committee in Sections (b) through (g) are herein defined as (“Member Meeting Issues”).

(i) A member entitled to vote at a member meeting may comment upon a Member Meeting Issue or challenge the Credentials and Election Committee’s decision or action regarding a Member Meeting Issue by filing a written description of the member’s comment or challenge (“Member Challenge”) with BWEMC within three (3) business days following the member meeting addressed by the Member Challenge.

(j) Within thirty (30) days of receiving a Member Challenge, the Credentials and Election Committee shall meet and receive oral or written evidence from a member directly or substantially implicated in or affected by the Member Challenge and consider, decide and rule on the Member Challenge. The Credentials and Election Committee’s decision regarding a Member Challenge is final. Failure of the Cooperative or the Credentials and Election Committee to act as required by this policy shall not, by itself, affect a vote of the Trustee election.

(k) At all meetings of the Committee, a majority of Committee members will constitute a quorum and action by the Committee requires a vote of the majority of all the members of the committee. Committee decisions or actions during, or within a reasonable time before or after a member meeting will be final.

(l) At the Cooperative’s expense, the Cooperative shall make available to the Committee legal counsel.

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