Call 1-855-GOBWEMC

To report a power outage 24 hours a day, please call: 1-855-GOBWEMC (1-855-462-9362).

Automated Outage Reporting Reminders

Don’t Forget

Update your phone numbers with our Customer Service Representatives. The number you provide should be the phone you will most likely use when reporting an outage. This number will automatically be recognized by the caller ID on the IVR. It will also recognize any additional numbers you can provide as alternate contact information.

Multiple Accounts?

You will be prompted to provide either the ACCOUNT NUMBER or METER NUMBER as illustrated below to specify the correct meter that has lost service.

Report an Outage

There are two important pieces of information that you will need. The account number or meter number can be used to report an outage in your area easily. Please see the images here which show the locations on the meter as well as on your monthly bill.

To report an outage, you will need to know or have readily available, one of those numbers. In the IVR (automated outage reporting system) implementation, one of these numbers will be required IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT. Please make it a habit to have your information available when calling in to report your outage. Also, don’t forget to update your phone numbers with our Customer Service Representatives.